According to the weather network, we’re going to see some record temperatures here in the north (where I’m writing this!) School’s almost over and as the summer season arrives, it’s time for retailers to harness the energy and excitement in the air and drive traffic to their stores. Creating compelling summer promotions is an excellent strategy to entice customers and make your retail location the go-to destination. Let’s take a look at some effective ways to create summer promotions that will drive traffic and boost sales.
Seasonal Discounts: Everyone loves a good deal, especially during the summer. Offer enticing discounts on popular summer products, such as swimwear, outdoor gear, or refreshing beverages. Consider running limited-time flash sales or buy-one-get-one-free offers to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action. (Psst … UCB is currently running a BOGO sale on advertising!)
Exclusive In-Store Events: Hosting special events in your store can generate buzz and attract foot traffic. Organize summer-themed activities like product demos, workshops, or live performances. Collaborate with local artists, fitness instructors, or influencers to create a unique and engaging experience specifically for customers.
Social Media Contests: Leverage the power of social media to spread the word about your summer promotions. Run contests on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, encouraging followers to share their favorite summer memories or tag friends for a chance to win exclusive discounts or prizes. This not only drives engagement but also expands your brand’s reach. How about a photo contest that includes an item from your store?
Loyalty Programs: Reward your loyal customers by offering exclusive perks and discounts through a summer-themed loyalty program. Provide special benefits for repeat visits or purchases during the summer months. This not only encourages customer loyalty but also creates a sense of excitement and anticipation.
Collaborate with Local Businesses: Statistics are showing that ‘community marketing’ is the new business model for Gen Z. By partnering with nearby businesses, you can amplify your reach and bring in new customers while growing your community presence. Consider cross-promotions or joint marketing campaigns that align with the summer season. For instance, team up with a local ice cream parlor to offer a discounted cone to customers who make a purchase at your store.
You can create a buzz around your retail store and drive increased foot traffic during the sunny season. Remember to be creative, leverage social media platforms, and focus on providing valuable incentives to attract and retain customers. Embrace the summer spirit and watch your store flourish with delighted customers and boosted sales.
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