Why you should have a Google Business Profile

GBP – Your Hidden Business Gemstone

Let’s do a little digging for gemstones shall we?  Not the get rich quick kind of rubies, diamonds, and sapphires, but rather the kind that can help bring long term cash benefits to your business.

I dare say everyone has heard of Google, but only 56% of businesses have claimed their Google Business Profile listing.

What exactly is ‘that’ you say? Well, it’s the part of your Google account that allows you to post information about your business including location, phone number, hours, web site and more. You can add photos, blog posts, products and even direct messaging.  Over 60% of people will contact a business directly from the Google Business Profile directly from the search engine on their phone, and statistics show that 70% of shoppers will visit a business within a day of discovering it in a local search.  That’s a LOT of potential traffic you may be missing out on!

So let’s do a test dig.  Pretend that you are a customer in search of what your business does.  Let’s say you are ABC Heating.   Search Google for ‘heating companies near me;’ just like your customer might.  (Hint, hint. Don’t Google ABCheating.com or this test won’t work.)

What did you find about yourself?  Did you show up first?  If you have claimed and set up your Google Business Listing, you should see a header photo and all kinds of information that can instantly be of interest to your prospective customer.

If that’s not what you see, your business may show up part way down the page, or it may even show with a few features in a Knowledge Panel gleaned by automated Google web crawlers.   Some of you may not show up at all and that can be a lot of business that you’re missing, and a lot of little dollar bills that are finding their way to your competitor’s bank account.

What are the main benefits of claiming and setting up your Google Business Profile account?

  1. It will help your business get discovered, be it locally, regionally, or nationally.
  2. It will improve your local search engine optimization.
  3. You’ll be in full control of your online business information and can update it as needed.

If you are looking to increase awareness for your business within your community, do a little digging to see how you show up for your customers.  Then follow us for helpful tips on how to set up your Google My Business Listing. We’ve even got a free webinar planned for you, so bookmark this page and watch for details.

GMB can be a smart part of your overall marketing plan.  Radio can be too.   Call us at 1 1-866-388-4488 for details!






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