Holiday Gift Guide

Getting Your Business Holiday Ready Part 2

According to, 95% of consumers intend to purchase ‘something’ during the holiday season.  Food, drink, gifts, décor, clothing, games and more make the list.

What are the strongest sellable products in your business?

For Part Two of getting your business ready for the holidays, prepare a gift guide for your customers.  It’s not too late and a gift guide can be a powerful marketing tool.  Curiosity leads many shoppers to discover new brands at this time of year and that can mean new customers for you!  Surprise and delight your customers by introducing unique items that they can only purchase at your business.

Zero in on your target market first. Who are they shopping for? What is their average spend? What is important to them on a daily basis?

When putting together your guide, it doesn’t have to be the size of the Sear’s Wishbook. (One of my favourites from days gone by … oh, how I could pour over those pages for hours on end. But I digress.)

Set up your gift guide to be one page or a few pages in an attractive brochure. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Highlight your own favourite or best selling items.
  2. Group products into packages.
  3. Mark items that make great gifts or stocking stuffers.
  4. Upsell by adding a valuable gift at a particular dollar value.
  5. Highlight Eco-friendly products which are of particular interest to todays’ modern consumer.

Remember it’s not too late, as  the holiday shopping is just beginning, Advertise your brochure in store, on your website and on social media.  If you’re running radio ads, why not have an ad created with a donut hole in the middle where items from your gift guide can be promoted in rotation?

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