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Getting Your Business Holiday Ready – Part 1

Is your business ready for the holiday shopping influx?

As we near the end of the November and ramp up to the holiday shopping rush this may be your last chance to prep your shop/site to ensure that you’re not leaving those holiday dollars on the table.

I’m going to look at 5 things over the next few days that you can do to welcome your customers and build a stronger presence that moves you right into 2023.  Today we’ll start with an overview of step one.

First, audit your overall online presence. Think of your website as your ‘hub’ with other avenues such as Google and Social Media channels as the spokes of the wheel. All spokes lead back to the hub.

Is your website converting? Consumers are used to seamless online shopping, and if you can’t provide it, they’ll switch to a merchant who can. Make sure that your online shops are working, and stocked with ‘current’ offerings. Fix broken links and photos.

Try adding a form to your page that encourages people to leave their email in exchange for a discount or perk. Building that list will help your marketing efforts right into the new year and beyond.

Are your Social profiles up to date? Check to ensure that the About or Bio sections are accurate and that they lead customers back to your hub. Was your last post back in the spring, or is it even older? All social sites reward consistency in posting, so sharpen your pencil and create a list of things you can post about consistently. You might feel that there’s nothing to say, but once you start that list, you’ll likely find a plethora of events to inform your public about! Now start posting!

Finally, set up that Google My Business Listing. If you have access to your listing, ensure that at the very minimum the hours, phone number, location and header photo are up to date. If you haven’t claimed that diamond yet, stay tuned as we teach you more about it and how you can set up to drive more traffic to your business.


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