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Last Minute Holiday Marketing

Did you know that approximately 50% of people still have to start their Christmas shopping by December 10?    According to 62% of shoppers in the USA are still making purchases the week before Christmas!

It’s not too late to run an effective holiday ad campaign, especially with digital advertising.

  1. Run a  Google Ads Campaign

An ad campaign targeted within your local area is quick and easy to set up and can take your customers to a specific page where you tell them exactly what action to take. Google is, after all where people go to search.

      2. Focus on Best Sellers

As we near the end of the countdown to Christmas day, focus on your best sellers. Advertise what works clearly and concisely.

  1. Start Running Social Ads

Promote those best sellers by advertising them on Facebook and other social platforms.  If you are new to social ads, simply ‘Boost’ the post.  It’s simple to target men and women of a specific age within your area, and even to ad their interests to your target group.  Even a $50.00 ad will get your product in front of thousands of potential shoppers.

  1. Launch an Email Campaign

Send a personalized holiday greeting or create a holiday sales promotion.  Programs such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact make it easy!

  1. Talk to Your Customers!

This is a pretty easy, yet essential step, thanks again to social media.  In the flurry of the last minute shoppers and the hustle and bustle of the shops, customers are still taking time out to check Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and other favourite platforms.

Post frequently to reach them. Answer questions and comments. Cross promote your best sellers, and try going live to add some authenticity to your communications.

Need help with your social media presence? Stay tuned right here as beginning January 1st we’ll cover multiple topics for the effective integration of social media into your overall marketing strategy.


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