Will Radio Work for You?

March 17, 2023

Will Radio Work for You?

Are you looking for new ways to reach your market? There are an overwhelming number marketing avenues today, and each roadway has its’ specific pros and cons along with some very different price tags. There are, of course, all the traditional methods such as television, radio and newspaper. Then there are the niche papers and magazines. Social media has an endless plethora of ways for you to use to reach people and last but not least there are some very ‘different’ guerilla marketing techniques.

With all of this marketing available, is radio still relevant? The answer is a reSOUNDing YES, however, it’s not for everyone. Radio works best for:

1. Businesses whose target markets align with the primary listener target of the station.
2. Startups who want to build brand awaremess.
3. Businesses with a strong, story-telling message that inspires the imagination.
4. Brands with a marketing message that will resonate with a large market segment.
5. Businesses that don’t need to see an immediate ROI.

Let’s take a look at these shall we to see if radio advertising, and specifically UCB Radio is right for you.

At UCB, our target listener, although definately not our only listener, is Christine. She’s millennial, married and has two children. She enjoys our positive, uplifting message that’s family friendly and always safe for the little ears. Does your market align with Christine? If you answered yes, then advertising on UCB radio could be of benefit to you.

Are you a startup? Our station plays Christian contemporary music. If your company aligns with Christian values, then we may certainly be a good fit and we would like to partner with you!

Successful advertising is all about the client. Can you solve their problems with your product? The modern consumer cares very little about how long you’ve been in business or how many business awards you’ve won, but cares deeply if your product can help them. If you’re prepared to build advertising campaigns with strong, story-telling messages that benefit your market, then radio is for you. No other form of advertising can shape the imagination the way that radio can. Make radio work for you by Advertising with well crafted, story-based messages. After all, who doesn’t love a good story?

If you have a brand that a large portion of the population needs, radio will be an excellent form of advertising for you. The more niche your product, the more difficult it is to reach your target, but if your widget is found in every household, then by all means, add radio to your budget.

Radio results are best seen over the long term. Not everyone is listening every minute of every day, so your ad may not be heard by everyone, every time it runs. That’s why advertising in rotational time slots over a long period of time will yield you the best results. UCB’s advantage here over other stations is that our listeners rarely change the dial. We are THEIR station and they identify with the advertisers as being partners with THEIR station.

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